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  • Great Value

    "When I saw this Germ Genie product, I immediately bought it because the package contains so many different items that it is very hard to buy individually in stores and when you can it is very expensive. Amazing deal that customers should jump on!"

    Max Green
  • Must Have Product!!

    "This product has all the essentials you need to stay germ-free. I use the gloves whenever I go to the gas station and if i am going to the movies I just take out the head rest cover. All the products have their perfect uses."

    Alex Roberts
  • Convenient and great!

    "I bought this product a month ago and I got it before my flight the next week. It was light, easy to carry around, and extremely useful. I felt so protected throughout the flight and I didn't get sick at all. I will be ordering more for my family as we all travel a lot and hope to stay healthy."

    Jonathan Greenip
  • Satisfied Customer

    "I keep this in the glove compartment of my car. It carries everything i need to stay germ free daily. I highly suggest getting this."

    Jack Levine
  • Amazing Travel Kit!

    "I take it with me in my backpack wherever I go. It has come in extremely handy many times when I needed a mask because I was worried about my surroundings or a wipe to clean a surface that I didn't want t touch."

  • Will Not Leave Home Without It!

    This is so convenient! I have one in my console and one in my travel bag at all times. You can use the products anywhere!

  • Corona Miracle

    After the outbreak of this horrible virus, I cannot imagine going on a plane without items that will help me staying germ-free. This ALSO HAS the KN95 mask which is perfect to block out germs anywhere on the go. ALL OF THIS IS ONLY $34.99.

    Kevin B.
  • Very Easy and Convenient

    These airplane tray table covers are so simple to use. I just peeled off the adhesive strips on the sides and stuck it on the table when I have eaten at restaurants. Highly recommend!

    Jack Cohen
  • Necessary item!

    Before I was introduced to the airplane tray table covers, I would enter my seat on the plane and refuse to touch any part of the tray table because they are filled with germs and bacteria. Now, I place these tray table covers on and now I can eat and sleep and enjoy my flight

    John Doe
  • Great Product!

    This tray table cover works perfectly. I went on a flight earlier this year before the travel bans and I knew I had to get something to help keep me safe on the plane. It is so easy to use and I felt clean and protected my whole flight.

  • WOW!

    A must have for every time you fly!